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2882 South Church Street  Murfreesboro, TN - Map |  Phone 615.494.5915 | Email info@getmonsterclean.com


Murfreesboro's first conveyor tunnel exterior car wash.

Why choose Monster X-press, and what makes us the Best Quality and Value in town?

Premium equipment with state of the art technology.

Monster X-press Car Wash IS state of the art technology.  Our facility is the first in Murfreesboro that is an "X-press" car wash.  

What's "X-press"?  

We could wheel out reams of paper dedicated to the "tech" side of our research.   But bottom line, "X-press" means this: $4 dollars and 3 minutes later - your car is clean. Really clean. We take pride in making your car look great.

Oh, and did we mention that with a paid wash, our vacuums are FREE -- and no time limit?   There's no race against the clock or digging for loose change at
Monster X-press.





What about the water?  Do I have to worry about spots?

No,  Reverse Osmosis is the most advanced water purification technology available.  It's like rinsing your car with Spring Water.  No minerals or chemicals, and water spots are a thing of the past.  Your tap water isn't this good!

Where's the wax?  I want my car to shine!

Today's car finishes require products that are more like conditioners, with buffers built in so you don't get that "film" effect on your vehicle. We use conditioners that are 100% safe - even on plastic or glass!

Ok, what's the catch?  Only $4 bucks?

No catch - the
Monster X-press conveyor tunnel car wash uses state of the art equipment and is more efficient than other car washes.  This increased capacity means your car is being washed now, while the other guys are still waiting in line.

Try our $4 Dollar 3-Minute wash!


Winter Hours: Nov. 1st - Feb. 29th, Mon. thru Sat. 8 to 6 and Sun. 10 to 6
Summer Hours: March 1st - Oct. 31st, Mon. thru Sat. 8 to 8 and Sun 10 to 6